Fluorine Free Firefighting Foam

World Leading Fluorine Free Fire Fighting Foams

We are the sole Australian distributor for VS Focum – world leaders in the development of fluorine-free firefighting foam concentrates.

Our Fluorine Free firefighting foams do not contain any fluorosurfactant, any fluoropolymer, or any silicon whilst retaining the highest fire fighting response.

Since foam selection has become a complex consideration requiring a balance between performance and potential environmental impact, it is imperative that you consult with experts who will advise, appraise, test, and facilitate your transition to fluorine-free fire fighting foams. Our team is dedicated to achieving the best overall outcome for you, providing advice, guidance, and dedicated after-sales service. See also our foam testing service.

Contact us to discover how these products are superior to other fire suppression foams available on the market.

Listen to Nick talk Fluorine Free on the Mining HQ Podcast

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