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Silvara Fixed System Foam


Fluorine Free Silvara Fixed System Foam – Fire Brigades, Industry, Mining

SILVARA Fixed System Foam TANTUM (Class A, Class B) is a last generation firefighting foam with an innovative formulation free of fluorinated components. It is formulated only with hydrocarbon surfactants and additives designed for fighting class A and B fires and this makes a significant difference when compared to other formulas that require fluorinated components (ie AFFF).

Although it does not contain specific components that saponify fats, SILVARA TANTUM is a valid solution for use in Class F fires.

SILVARA Fixed System Foam (TANTUM) offers excellent performance in fire control and resistance. It forms a resistant foam, with a high drainage time that improves the efficiency in the fire extinction.

Main characteristics:

  • fluorine free extinguishing solution
  • the most versatile extinguishing solution available because its use is valid both in aspiring and non-aspiring systems, in forceful and gentle attack, and all without containing fluorinated compounds
  • designed for use in fire extinguishers – achieves a quick control and extinction time in class A, B and F fires.
  • low temperature of use makes it a suitable product to use at any temperature
  • great cooling capacity lowers the probability of reignition
  • the composition of surfactants decreases the surface tension of the solution, enabling it to go deeper into the combustible material and resulting in a more effective extinguishing
  • forms a stable foam which provides additional protection
  • can be easily removed with water

Principal fields of application:

SILVARA Fixed System Foam is suitable for use with non-aspirating discharge devices (handline water fog/stream nozzles or standard sprinkler heads) and can also be used with low expansion foam equipment (foam chambers, nozzles…). In fixed systems it is used in its concentrated form, not diluted.

Its excellent wetting characteristics make it an ideal foam for fighting Class A fires.

Certified according standards:
EN 1568-2 and complies with standards EN 1568-3:2008 and EN 1568-4:2008.

Download Silvara Tantum fire fighting foam technical info

We are proud partners with VS Focum – world leaders in the manufacture and development of fire fighting foam concentrates.

Now distributing to Indonesia and Oceania (incl Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Caledonia, Somoa, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and beyond).

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