Manufacturers and Brands

Fire Response Pty Ltd is a leading distributor of premium fire fighting equipment and fire fighting foam to fire services, emergency services, mining and industries across Australia. We source our products from the world’s leading manufacturers and brands for performance and reliability you can trust.

We are the sole distributor of the world leading Fluorine Free Foams from the innovative VS Focum. With the latest finding on the toxicity of traditional foams which contain PFOs, the time to transition to non-fluorinated products is now. Find out more here Fire Fighting Foams and here VS Focum

Akron Brass
Luitpold Schott
Nanuk Protective Cases
Phoenix Firepumps
PSL Fire & Safety
PSL Fire & Safety
Rice Hydro
Scotty Firefighter
Streamlight Torches
Taipan Footwear
VS Focum