Foam Equipment

Foam Equipment

Firefighting foam equipment is needed to generate fire fighting foam to fight all types of fires. Firefighters mainly use portable tools including proportioners while mobile equipment including trailers is mostly used for high-risk industrial fire fighting.

All of the tools listed are made and designed using the latest technological advances, innovations, and materials, which are certified to meet or exceed NFPA and EN Standards.

It is important to ensure that your complete set up is producing the correct mixture, otherwise, the extinguishing properties will be reduced. We can advise on the compatibility of the elements and applications and even provide a testing service for your foam mixture so that you can be ready for any emergency that may arise.

Equipment used with fire fighting foam includes inductors, inline educators, bore nozzles, fog and straight stream nozzles, foam maker nozzles, and industrial equipment (see Oscillating Mercury Quick Attack adjustable flow nozzle)

IMPORTANT: Accurate proportioning is vital in suppressing fire. Our range of proportioning equipment, monitors, nozzles, etc is tested at the highest industry standards to ensure performance in an emergency. We can advise on your set up as well as test your current equipment so that you can be sure you are ready for rapid control of a fire hazard. Targeted and effective dispersal of accurately proportioned foam is the goal. Contact us to find out more

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