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FIretech LED Lighting

FireTech by HiViz LED Lighting

Fire Response is excited to welcome FireTech by HiViz LED Lighting to our family of high quality fire and rescue equipment manufacturers.

The entire LED lighting product line is focused on providing our customers with emergency scene lighting that will be at its best when situations are at their worst. Unlike other manufacturers, the FireTech focus lays exclusively in forward-facing visible LED scene lighting products. This singular focus allows a specialist’s approach designing the ultimate scene lighting solution.

The FireTech branding means the products have been tested by firefighters, deployed in the field, and proven to solve real-world problems. See Behind the Scenes of the Firetech Brand

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Superior LED Lighting

HELPING FIRST RESPONDERS WORK MORE SAFELY AND EFFECTIVELY AFTER DARK. Products that put more light on your emergency scene than any other available today, specifically in the areas where you need it, all the while streamlining the look of your apparatus and eliminating your lighting maintenance costs. We are so confident in our product offering that we couple them with the industry’s only Limited Lifetime guarantee.

Fire Sale - Clearance

It’s time to make some room in the warehouse.These top quality products are heavily discounted and ready to ship.  Hurry – stock is limited!