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Super Vac Ventilation

Super Vac ventialtion is an industry leading manufacturer of positive pressure ventilators (PPV’s). They manufacture the toughest ventilation products for emergency personnel and industrial companies.

Super Vac ventilation products include electric, gasoline, hydraulic, and air powered units for emergency situations and industrial use. The ventilators are used to remove smoke from a fire, thereby increasing visibility for firefighters, improving survivability for victims and reducing property damage due to heavy smoke. Industrial uses include man and machine cooling, smoke and fume removal, painting, sand blasting, and fresh air supply. Super Vac has designed state of the art ventilators to be used in confined space rescues. The engineering facilities include an air test chamber built to AMCA Standard 210 and 240 for accurately measuring and maximizing the air performance of our ventilators.

Ventilation solutions include negative and positive pressure fans, rescue saws, confined space tools, large scale fans, smoke controlling devices, and smoke training aids.