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World leading Firefighting Foams (fire fighting foams) – Fluorine Free foam, AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) and more.

Our innovative range of fluorine free firefighting foams are free from the damaging highly persistent organic PFAS pollutants PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate) and PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), whilst still maintaining a superior level of fire fighting ability.

Fire Response is the authorized Australian national distributor for leading firefighting foam manufacturer VS Focum. Contact us to discover how these products are superior to other fire suppression foams available on the market. We can assit you in your transition from traditional foam to these next generation concentrates.

Fire Response and VS Focum are expert partners in providing superior, effective fire fighting solutions. Whatever your need, we are ready to listen, advise and develop a solution.

Australia is a vast land with a myriad of fire hazards. Bush, urban, industry, mining, marine, aviation….different fire scenarios require different approaches as well as alternative products and equipment. Our fire fighting foams offer diversity for a variety of applications. The range includes industry-leading Fluorine Free Foams (Newtonian and Pseudoplastic), AFFF, training foams, Class A foams, forest fire retardant, and multi-expansion foams. Application fields include:

Fire Brigades

It should be noted that with Queensland and South Australia’s total ban on foams containing fluorine, and the proposed ban in NSW, it is important to consider the applications and effectiveness of Fluorine Free Foams. Our products are compliant with government and industry regulations and limit both the environmental impact and the risks to human health. Our Fluorine Free Fire Fighting Foams (Newtonian and Psuedoplastic) do not contain any fluorosurfactant, any fluoropolymer, or any silicon whilst retaining the highest fire fighting response. Our industry experience has provided us with extensive knowledge of the challenges that can be encountered when managing product storage, mixing, and equipment. A foam concentrate whose quality diminishes in storage can lead to disastrous results, as can the use of the wrong mixing and delivery equipment. We can advise you on how VS Focum has met and overcome these challenges and why they are superior to competitors.

Of the few foams concentrates that we offer that do contain PFAS/PFOS (AFFF, AFFF/AR), VS Focum have used as little of the fluorine as possible and only C6 technology at that. (The EPA in the US concluded that Fluorosurfactants with a carbon chain length of C6 or less cannot degrade into PFOA.)

The fire fighting foams we offer from VS Focum are not only some of the best in terms of foam quality worldwide, but their research and development continuously consider environmental and technical changes, in conjunction with the future trends and changes in fire standards and restrictions on several raw materials. This makes them the best producer of very concentrated specialized fire fighting foam products for use in CAFS (Compressed Air Foam Systems).

Since foam selection has become a complex consideration requiring a balance between performance and potential environmental impact, it is imperative that you consult with experts who will advise, appraise, test, and facilitate your transition to fluorine-free fire fighting foams. Our team is dedicated to achieving the best overall outcome for you, providing advice, guidance, and dedicated after-sales service. See also our foam testing service which provides fire fighting foam analysis to ensure you are well prepared for any emergency. Testing of your foam concentrates should be performed annually to be in line with regulations.

Now distributing to Indonesia and Oceania (incl Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Caledonia, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and beyond).

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