Severe Duty Mining Products

Severe Duty Mining Products
By Akron Brass

Flammable liquids…combustible materials…machinery running 24/7…remote locations…these factors combine to make fire a principal hazard for any mining operation. Protect your assets, investments and team by installing severe duty mining products that have been specifically designed to handle the harsh conditions and challenges of a mine site.

Akron Brass purpose designed the Severe Duty Mining range for use in the mining industry.

These products are typically used on watercarts, in heavy vehicle washdown facilities, in processing facilities, and on emergency response vehicles. They are widely used across Australia by mining companies, owner-operators and mining contractors.

So why use these products?

They’re backed by a standard 2 year mining warranty
Range includes industry-leading washdown water cannons
They provide industry-leading performance and reliability
They’re easy to use and easy to install
They’re waterproof, vibration proof
They throw the water further and more efficiently
You can wash-down machines faster
When used with foam, they provide fire truck-style performance for fire fighting.

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