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FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras

FLIR #1 for Thermal Imaging Cameras

At Fire Response, we proudly present FLIR, the trusted partner in thermal imaging excellence, transforming firefighting with the groundbreaking FLIR K Series.

Experience unparalleled situational awareness with The K Series of FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras. Designed with firefighters in mind, these advanced devices elevate capabilities to unprecedented levels—from blazing infernos to hidden hotspots, FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras ensure you see it all.

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FLIR premium partner

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FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras

Key Features:

High-Resolution Clarity: Witness the heat with unmatched precision for informed decisions on the spot.
Rugged Durability: Built to withstand the harshest environments, FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras are as tough as the heroes who use them.
Intuitive Operation: Designed for ease of use in the challenging environments.
Extended Battery Life: Never worry about running out of power in the heat of the moment.

FLIR’s commitment to innovation extends beyond the fire line. From search and rescue to hazmat situations, the K Series adapts, making it indispensable for every firefighting professional.


Fire Response, as the premier authorized FLIR distributor in Australia, brings you thermal imaging cameras that revolutionise firefighting safety. FLIR’s purpose-designed K-Series models, developed with global firefighter input, stand out as the best on the market.

The FLIR Advantage:

Optimal Safety: Swiftly visualise tactical approaches, pinpoint hotspots, and save lives.
Cost-Effective Solutions: FLIR’s K-Series offers innovative, affordable solutions for enhanced visibility.
Strategic Manoeuvering: Bright displays facilitate improved orientation, hotspot identification, and quicker victim location.
Safety on the Ground: Equip firefighters with TICs for strategic precision, effective navigation through smoke, and ultimately, saving lives.

Safety through Innovation – FLIR’s K Series: Affordable, Durable, Reliable!

The K-series, known for its exceptional affordability, durability, and reliability, is expressly engineered to withstand harsh operating conditions. These robust tools can endure a fall from a height of 2 meters onto a concrete surface, are water-resistant with an IP67 rating, and can function flawlessly even at temperatures as high as +260°C for up to 5 minutes.

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