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BoldFoam M3 Multiexpansion Firefighting Foam


Fluorine Free Boldfoam M3 Multiexpansion Firefighting foam – Fire Brigades, Marine, Industry, Mining

The composition of BoldFoam M3 Multiexpansion Firefighting Foam is based on a mixture of synthetic hydrocarbonated surfactants together with solvents, stablizers, anticorrosive agents and other additives.  The aqueous solutions of this foam concentrate form a homogeneous foam with a high expansion index, a high drainage time and high heat resistence.

BoldFoam M3 is specially appropiated for indoor fires where the application of foam results in a reduction of oxygen by sweeping away the air to suffocate the fire. Furthermore, the water in the foam produces a cooling effect. It is suitable in concentrations of 3% with fresh, sea or brackish water.

BoldFoam M3 Multiexpansion Firefighting foam concentrate can be used for Class A fires (solids) and Class B fires (liquids) using high, medium and low expansion devices.

Low Expansion: Indirect application is recommended due to the low oleophobicity of the foam caused by the absence of fluorinated surfactants in the concentrate. Use low expansion foam only in long distance firefighting.

Medium Expansion: With medium expansion nozzles you can reach high expansion index and its use is only for medium distance firefighting, filling the security pools of the fuel tanks with foam in case of a possible spillage.

High Expansion: We recommended that BoldFoam M3 is used to 6% to optimize the performance. In case the level of foam is higher than the height of a person  you can stay in the foam pressing a cloth on the mouth to avoid inhaling the foam solution.

Do not apply on liquid polar fires. Its excellent wetting characteristics make it ideal for fighting Class A fires. BoldFoam M3 should be applied at its adequate concentration with aspirating systems to make use as much as possible of its wetting properties.

Biodegradability: Boldfoam M3 is  easily biodegradable.


Surface Tension, mN/m <25 Low Expansion Rate >9

Drainage Time >7´

Medium Expansion Rate >140

Drainage Time >10´

High Expansion Rate > 200

*The values obtained depend on the type of generator used. Values valid both in fresh water, sea or brackish water.

Boldfoam M3 Multiexpansion firefighting foam is certified according standards:
EN 1568-3, EN 1568-1

Shelf life is 20-25 years if stored according to the recommendations of vs FOCUM. The premixed solutions storage is not recommended. Annual testing of all firefighting foams is recommended by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

We are proud partners with VS Focum – world leaders in the manufacture and development of fire fighting foam concentrates.

Now distributing to Indonesia and Oceania (incl Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Caledonia, Somoa, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and beyond).

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