Fluorine Free Foam

Fluorine Free Foam


The way forward is with fluorine free foam. Fire Response supply, and advise on, fire fighting foam concentrates to a diverse range of users – fire brigade, government, industry, mining, marine, aviation… wherever there is a fire risk and a need for high performance products. We have sought out and partnered with some of the best manufacturers in the world including the innovative foam producers VSFocum – world leaders in the development and manufacture of fluorine free fire fighting foams.

Our range of fluorine free fire fighting foams encompass the Silvara range (including Silvara I – the first Newtonian fluorine free foam 1% concentrate in the world) and the Boldfoam Multiexpansion range offering a wide scope of fire fighting applications.

Fluorine Free Fire Fighting Foam Technology

Our Fluorine Free Firefighting Foams are advanced formulas with outstanding knockdown performance, burn back resistance and superior environmental responsibility. We have products that offer similar firefighting performance as AFFF (aqueous film forming foams AFFFs) and Fluoroprotein products with no gelification, peel formation or jamming. Our concentrates have been rigorously tested to the highest international standards for both fire suppression and environmental effects.

There were three key directives VS Focum R&D kept in mind when creating the world’s best environmental firefighting foams:

  1. Newtonian (low viscosity) concentrates are ideally suited to existing in-line eductors and fire nozzles being used in the field – enables an easy transition
  2. Avoid the problems with gelification, pipe jams and peel formation that are often encountered by competitors
  3. Specialise in very highly concentrated products (<1%) for use in CAFS (Compressed Air Foam Systems). The more concentrated the product – the more advantages it carries (0.5% is better than 3%). Plus, the economical logistics are optimised – more autonomy, less storage.
  4. Achieve the highest biodegradation along with lowest damage in soil contamination and water treatment.

Why Fluorine Free Foam by VS Focum?

VSFocum are unique world-class certified producers. They believe in continuos research and development and are wholly committed to the fastest extinguish and the surest, safest way to minimise the effects of a fire.

From the beginning the team rejected the option of protein based foams due to reduced shelf life. Their aim was to develop foams that could be relied upon in an emergency after an extended time in storage. As a result, VS Focum foams have excellent extended shelf lives.

What foam equipment is required to use fluorine free fire fighting foam?

Accurate foam proportioning is vital in an emergency and VS Focum foams are compatible with a wide range of existing equipment from leading manufacturers. You need to be sure that the foam solution you are producing is at the correct ratio to effectively control the fire hazard.

Fire Response are proud to offer testing services and advice to ensure that your set up can deliver rapid fire control through targeted, effective foam dispersal.

Why Fluorine Free Foam by VS Focum?

With the Australian States banning products containing PFAS, now is the time to begin your transition to the best fluorine free product on the market. We can advise on the timeline, products and tests you need to complete a successful and effective transition. Don’t put it off – not transitioning could incur huge costs including fines, clean up, remediation and third party harm and reputational damage. With human lives and high value assets, can you afford to wait?

Exclusive Australian Distributor – Fire Response – Talk to Fire Response about Fluorine Free Foam 02 4944 7700.

Now distributing to Indonesia and Oceania (incl Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Caledonia, Somoa, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and beyond).

What makes us different?

  • Innovation – VS Focum creates unique world class certified products
  • Adaptability – Foams on demand for any risk, variety on concentrates
  • Quick answers – Analysis, inquiries, and ready to ship stock


Top Benefits of our Fluorine Free Foam:

  • Suitable for use with existing equipment.
  • Is less viscous than pseudoplastic based foam concentrates, so problems like gelification, peel formation or pipe jams are completely avoided
  • 100% Fluorine & Silicon Free
  • Extended storage and shelf life


Download the brochure now

Download the brochure now

Hydrocarbon Fires (Newtonian):

0.5% Silvara ZFK
EN 1568-1+3 (IB) (Tank Storage, Fire Brigade) – the world’s first certified Newtonian 0.5% FF in the word, 2015

1% Silvara I
EN 1568-1+3 (IB) (Fire Brigade, Tank Storage) -the world’s first certified Newtonian 1% FF in the word, 2012

3% Silvara K3
ICAO-B (Aviation) – the first Newtonian Fluorine Free ICAO-B certified foam in the world, 2014

6% Silvara K6

Hydrocarbon & Polar Solvent Fires (Pseudoplastic):

1×3% Silvara APC1
EN 1568-1, EN 1568-3 (IB), EN 1568-4 (IB: Acetones) (Fire Brigade, Industry, Oil & Gas)

3×3% Silvara APC+ 3×3
EN 1568-1, EN 1568-3 (IA), EN 1568-4 (IA: Acetones) (Fire Brigade, Industry, Oil & Gas)

3×6% Silvara APC 3×6
EN 1568-3+4 (IB, IA [acetone] / IC [isopropanol]) (Fire Brigade, Industry, Oil & Gas)


Fire Response Pty Ltd offer a range of superior fluorine free foam concentrates. We are the exclusive Australian distributor of world leading innovative VS Focum fire fighting foam concentrates.

VS Focum are committed to having the fastest possible extinguish – that is, providing the surest and safest way to avoid the effects of fires. The goal is to protect human lives and property in the most efficient way, whilst maintaining minimal environmental impact.