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Silvara K3 Fluorine Free Foam 3%


Silvara K3 fluorine free foam 3%

The world’s first certified Newtonian (Low Viscosity) Fluorine Free Foam to pass the ICAO Level B test. A low viscosity Newtonian fire fighting foam concentrate for extinguishing hydrocarbon fuel fires (Class B) and solids fires (Class A). Silvara K3 is designed for use at 3% in kerosene fires, however, for the rest of Class B hydrocarbons fires it should be used at 1% due to foam contamination. It is not suitable to be used on polar fuels.

Silvara K3 fluorine free foam 3% doesn’t contain any type of organo halogen compound, it is easily biodegradable and responsible with the environment.

Use with aspirating discharge devices (foam chambers, nozzles,…) with low, medium or high expansion.

Silvara K3 is certified by UK CAA (UK Civil Aviation Authority) according ICAO Standard: Level B (3% fresh water) with Kerosene Jet A1.

Applications: Aviation and Fire Brigade

Environmental and Toxicological Properties:

  • Aquatic Toxicity – aquatic life is not adversely affected
  • Biodegradability. Biodegradability at 28 days up to 75%, so easily biodegradable.

Shelf life when stored in accordance to recommendations is 20-25 years.

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