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Silvara ZFK Fluorine Free Foam 0.5%


Silvara ZFK Fluorine Free Foam 0.5%

The world’s first certified Newtonian 0.5% Fluorine Free Firefighting Foam Concentrate

Silvara ZFK is a fluorine free, low viscosity Newtonian firefighting foam concentrate. It has been developed to extinguish hydrocarbon fuel fires and solids.

By forming a resistant foam ZFK isolates the fuel from oxygen and extinguishes the fire. Silvara ZFK Fluorine Free Foam 0.5% does not contain any type of organo halogen compound, is easily biodegradable and responsible with the environment. It is formulated with solvents, hydrocarbon surfactants and additives.

Silvara ZFK should be used at 0.5% in water to extinguish class B fires (hydrocarbons fuels). It is not suitable to use on polar fuels.

Due to it’s excellent wetting properties, ZFK fluorine free foam can be employed to combat class A fires (solids).

Silvara ZFK fire fighting foam has been designed to reach its optimal potential when used with CAFs (compressed air foam systems). It should be used with aspirating discharge devices (foam chambers, nozzles, etc) with low or medium expansion.

Application of Silvara ZFK foam solution achieves excellent extinguishing in hydrocarbon fuel fires.

Achieves a biodegradability >90% at 28 days

Silvara ZFK is certified according standards:

  • EN: 1568-1:2008 (1%).
  • EN: 1568-3:2008 (0,5%) Class IB (fresh water)

Has excellent storage qualities – if stored as recommended it will maintain a shelf life of 20 – 25 years.

We are proud partners with VS Focum – world leaders in the manufacture and development of fire fighting foam concentrates.

VS Focum fluorine free statement

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