Silvara I Fluorine Free Fire Fighting Foam 1% Concentrate

Silvara I Fluorine Free Fire Fighting Foam 1% Concentrate


The first Newtonian fluorine free fire fighting foam 1% concentrate in the world!

Silvara I is a fluorine free, low viscosity Newtonian fire fighting foam concentrate for use in extinguishing hydrocarbon fuel fires and solids.

Silvara I Fluorine Free Fire Fighting Foam 1% is an alternative to AFFF products – it forms a resistant foam to insulate the fuel from oxygen and extinguish the fire.  It can be used in fresh water to extinguish class B fires (Diesel & Oil fires). Due to its excellent wetting properties, it is also useful in combating class A fires (solids). It is not suitable for use on polar fuels. EN1568-3:2018 (1%) Class IIB (fresh water), Class IIIC (seawater), EN1568-1,2:2018 (3% fresh water), EN1568-3:2018 with Diesel & Oil fires Class I+A with (fresh & seawater). This is truely in a class of its own when it comes to fire extinguishment and burn back in diesel & oil fires. See the Fluorine Free Statement

Silvara I is easily biodegradable and environmentally responsible. It has a biodegradability of up to 99% over 14 days. With the growing knowledge of the persistent bioaccumulative toxic nature of PFASs in traditional firefighting foams (AFFF for example) and the changing regulations banning the use of such products, it is becoming more and more urgent for mining companies to address their transition to fluorine free products. We are helping sites all over Australia move to the more environmentally sound Silvara Foam without sacrificing any fire extinguishing performance.

Let us share with you the impressive results we have from our onsite testing at local mines and help you plan your successful upgrade to this world class product. Your site will be ready for any fire hazard and you will be safeguarding your people, your assets, your environment as well as saving on costly clean ups.

The outstanding Silvara I Fluorine Free Fire Fighting Foam 1% has excellent storage qualities too! If stored as recommended it will maintain a shelf life of 20 – 25 years without gellification, separation or degradation.

Read more about the development, importance and applications of fluorine free firefighting foams here.

Download the Fire Response – VS Focum foams 310518 (1) PDF Brochure when deciding on the most appropriate foam for a particular application.

We are proud partners with VS Focum – world leaders in the manufacture and development of fire fighting foam concentrates.

Silvara I Fluorine Free Fire Fighting Foam 1% Safety data sheet (MSDS)

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