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VS Focum Foams – Mining


Flammable liquids…combustible materials…machinery running 24/7…remote locations…these factors combine to make fire a principal hazard for any mining operation. Ensure your site is proactive rather than reactive about fire safety by contacting us for our Action Plan.

Mine fires were initially fought with high expansion foams which filled the galleries with foam, displacing the oxygen and thus asphyxiating the fire. These foams had a very low quantity of water per litre of foam, resulting in a mixture whose cooling effect was not great enough to sufficiently tame the fire. 

A superior modern solution to this problem is to use our fluorine free foam products (very concentrated) that can be used with mixing ratios as low as 0.3% in CAFS. This produces very compact foams to provide great safety against fires in mining scenarios. Meanwhile, for the big trucks used in strip mining, the automatic extinguishing systems based in fluorine free foam solutions provide a safer environment for mineral extraction processes.

Important Foam Concentrate considerations for mining:

  • viscosity of foam concentrate
  • homogeneous mixing with water
  • equipment compatibility
  • suitability for possible fuels and applications (class A, Class B fires?)

VS Focum are at the forefront of the manufacture and continual development of fluorine free foams. Fire Response are proud to be the sole Australian distributor of these superior concentrates. We can also supply some products of the more traditional formulation, noting that every VS Focum product containing fluorine is manufactured exclusively with C6 Fluorosurfactants (no PFOS) according to EPA 2010/2015 PFOA Stewardship Program.

IMPORTANT: Accurate proportioning is vital in suppressing a fire. Our range of proportioning equipment, monitors, nozzles, etc are tested at the highest industry standards to ensure performance in an emergency. We can advise on your set up as well as test your current equipment so that you can be sure you are ready for rapid control of a fire hazard. Targeted and effective dispersal of accurately proportioned foam is the goal. Contact us to find out more

We offer a special Fire Fighting Foam Transition advisory service whereby we educate your team on the finer points of transitioning your site to Fluorine Free Foam. Initial presentation can be offered via Zoom. Testing of your current foam concentrate is also available. The samples are analysed and performance tested in line with international standards, using your local water to ensure accuracy. Read more here or Contact us now to find out more.

Fire Fighting Foams That Pass the Test

Besides manufacturing fire fighting Foams, VS Focum analyses concentrates’ effectiveness against fires from different firefighting installations, in order to check the concordance with regulations as OACI, European norm EN-1568, UL-162, military norm MIL F24385F, IMO. It is also certified under Quality System ISO 9001.