Fluorine Free Foam from industry leading manufacturer, VS Focum. This Newtonian based concentrate is ideally suited to existing in-line eductors and fire nozzles being used in the field.

Why Fluorine Free Foam by VS Focum?

Boldfoam SILVARA 1% is a specially formulated, synthetic fluorine-free fire-fighting foam concentrate based on an innovative patented, low-toxicity hydrocarbon surfactants, and other non-hazardous ingredients. As a result, it is substantially biodegradable and presents the lowest environmental impact.

Firefighting foam certified according to UNE-EN-1568-3:2008 with classification IB.

As an AFFF and Fluoroprotein foam alternative, this advanced formulation produces a similar fire-fighting performance as AFFF and Fluoroprotein products while containing no organofluorine components. When used in systems and handline applications, SILVARA produces a strong and cohesive foam blanket on the surface of the fuel to extinguish fire and suppress fuel vapor.

Fluorine Free Firefighting Foam Benefits:

  • Suitable for use with existing fire equipment.
  • Is less viscous than pseudoplastic based foam concentrates, so problems like gellification, peel formation or pipe jams are completely avoided
  • 100% Fluorine & Silicon Free

VC Focum Firefighting Foam Brochure

Download the VC Focum PDF Brochure when deciding on the most appropriate foam for a particular application.

Hydrocarbon Fires (Newtonian):

0.5% Silvara ZFK
EN 1568-1+3 (IB) (Tank Storage, Fire Brigade) – the world’s first certified Newtonian 0.5% FF in the word, 2015

1% Silvara 1
EN 1568-1+3 (IB) (Fire Brigade, Tank Storage) -the world’s first certified Newtonian 1% FF in the word, 2012

3% Silvara K3
ICAO-B (Aviation) – the first Newtonian Fluorine Free ICAO-B certified foam in the world, 2014

6% Silvara K6

Hydrocarbon & Polar Solvent Fires (Pseudoplastic):

1×3% Silvara APC 1×3
EN 1568-1, EN 1568-3 (IB), EN 1568-4 (IB: Acetones) (Fire Brigade, Industry, Oil & Gas)

3×3 Silvara APC 3×3
EN 1568-1, EN 1568-3 (IA), EN 1568-4 (IA: Acetones) (Fire Brigade, Industry, Oil & Gas)

3×6% Silvara APC 3×6
EN 1568-3+4 (IB, IA [acetone] / IC [isopropanol]) (Fire Brigade, Industry, Oil & Gas)