Fluorine Free Foam

Fluorine Free Foam from industry leading manufacturer, VS Focum. This Newtonian based concentrate is ideally suited to existing in-line eductors and fire nozzles being used in the field.

Why Fluorine Free Foam by VS Focum?

  • Suitable for use with existing fire equipment.
  • Is more viscous than pseudoplastic based foam concentrates.
  • 100% Fluorine & Silicon Free

Hydrocarbon Fires (Newtonian):


0.5% Silvara ZFK

EN 1568-1+3 (IB) (Tank Storage, Fire Brigade)

1% Silvara 1

EN 1568-1+3 (IB) LASTFIRE (Fire Brigade, Tank Storage)

3% Silvara K3

ICAO-B (Aviation)

6% Silvara K6


Hydrocarbon & Polar Solvent Fires (Pseudoplastic):


1×3% Silvara APC 1×3

(Fire Brigade, Industry, Oil & Gas)

3×3 Silvara APC 3×3

(Fire Brigade, Industry, Oil & Gas)

3×6% Silvara APC 3×6

LASTFIRE [ethanol] EN 1568-3+4 (IB, IA [acetone] / IC [isopropanol]) (Fire Brigade, Industry, Oil & Gas)