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Nomex Flash Hood


Nomex Flash Hood

Protection and comfort!

Flash hoods should be worn in any situation where head and neck protection is required.

Crafted with Nomex – PPE garments made with Nomex® deliver superior heat, flame and arc flash protection, while providing lightweight, comfortable solutions that meets or exceeds industry standards. Read more about Nomex here


  • Certification: NFPA 1971:2018
  • Fabric: 20% Nomex®/ 80% Lenzing FR
  • Design:
    • Head Design: separate head with sewn on back and front bib
    • Back of head: ends at the nape of the neck for improved fit and comfort
    • Bib Design Two piece design with 15cm
  • front with 20cm back bib design
  • Layers:
    • Head 2 Layer
    •  Bib: 2 Layer
    •  Face Opening: Easy-Seal Face opening that goes on easy. Seals tight Sewn with 1.25cm elastic encapsulated in hood materialLayers:
  • Measures: 12.5cm – 14cm diameter (Relaxed) Fully Stretched Measurement: Exceeds 38cm
  • Weight: 199gsm
  • Thread: 100% Nomex®
  • Labels: Each hood is labelled with an FR Label with all four label edges sewn to the hood, identifying material contents, UL certification, lot#, date of manufacture, and care instructions
  • Construction:
    • Head Seams: All head and bib seams are sewn with a flat lock stitch
    • Binding: 3.8cm binding sewn to hem through folder with a three thread cover stitch to create a 1.25cm finished bound hem

Relevant Certifications:

  • NFPA 1971-2013
  • UL Certified meets or exceeds Cal/OSHA Stds. Title 8 Article 10.1 Sec. 340

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