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AFFF Fire Fighting Foam


AFFF Firefighitng Foam

Download the Fire Response – VS Focum foams PDF Brochure when deciding on the most appropriate foam for a particular application.

C6 Fluorine. No PFOS.

Hydrocarbon Fires (Newtonian):

0.5% BoldFoam 05

EN 1568-3 (IB) ICAO-B (Aviation)

1% BoldFoam B1


3% BoldFoam B3-C

EN 1568-3 (IC) (Fire Brigade)

BoldFoam B3F

EN 1568-3 (IB) LASTFIRE (Fire Brigade, Industry, Tank Storage)

BoldFoam BF-300

ICAO-C ICAO-B (Sea Water)(Aviation)

6% BoldFoam BF-601

EN 1568-3 (IB) ICAO-C(Aviation, Fire Brigade, Industry)

Fluorine Free Alternatives

Recent legislation passed in Queensland has focused Industry on the removal and destruction of fluorinated AFFF fire fighting foam concentrates containing PFOS and PFOA and replacing them with Fluorine Free Alternatives.

Fire Response offer a range of fluorine free foam concentrates and we are the exclusive Australian distributor of VS Focum fire fighting foam concentrates.

As an AFFF and Fluoroprotein foam alternative, this advanced formulation produces a similar fire-fighting performance as AFFF and Fluoroprotein products while containing no organofluorine components. When used in systems and handline applications, SILVARA produces a strong and cohesive foam blanket on the surface of the fuel to extinguish fire and suppress fuel vapor.

Read more about the benefits of fluorine free foam.

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