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Trident 50 inch Tripod Light


Trident 50 inch Tripod Light

The Trident 50 Inch Tripod Light for Firefighting features an Akron Brass Revel Light and Milwaukee Rechargeable Battery. Other light and battery options are available to suit your needs – just ask us!

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of firefighting scenarios, this powerful lighting system ensures optimal visibility in critical situations. With cutting-edge features like the Akron Brass Revel Light and Milwaukee Rechargeable Battery, you can trust the Trident 50 inch Tripod Light to deliver reliable performance when it matters most. With three strong legs for stability and extendable to 2318mm (just over 91 inches) it’s durable, portable and adaptable.

Experience unparalleled brightness and versatility with the Akron Brass Revel light. Engineered for maximum illumination, this advanced lighting solution offers adjustable brightness settings and a durable construction to withstand the toughest environments. Choose from the SL with 14000 Lumens (Part #22-T40D-AR-BX-BL) or XL offering 28000 lumens (Part #22-T50D-AX-BX-BL). Ask us about other light options.

Milwaukee Battery Compatibility: Power up your 50 inch Tripod Light with the renowned reliability of Milwaukee batteries. Designed for long-lasting performance, Milwaukee batteries provide the energy needed to keep your operations running smoothly. Plus, you get the convenience of compatibility with your other battery powered equipment. Not using Milwaukee? Other battery platforms (Makita, Hurst) are available.

50 Inch Tripod Design: Achieve optimal positioning and coverage with the Tripod Light’s adjustable 50-inch design. Whether you need to light up a large area or focus on a specific target, this versatile tripod ensures flexibility and stability in any situation.

With the Akron Brass Revel light, Milwaukee battery, and a range of other options available, this versatile lighting system delivers performance and reliability when it matters most. Invest in the Trident tripod light today and ensure optimal visibility for your firefighting team in any situation.  Note: Can also be ordered with shore power and truck mount adaptor.

Also available in 40 inch size.

Trident 50 inch tripod light specs

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