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Revel LED Scene Light (14000 Lumen / DC)

Turn any dark, hazardous situation into daylight with the Revel LED Scene Light from Akron Brass. With more capability than ever before, the Revel combines a spot and flood pattern into one powerful 14,000 lumen solution. Direct light evenly across your entire scene with the Revel’s enhanced pattern design.

  • Combination spot/flood optics
  • True surface mount
  • Push button swivel for simplified, efficient operation
  • IP 68 rated

Product Sheet


Revel LED Scene Light

Effective, adjustable lighting of your emergency scene is paramount to safety! The ELRE-SLDC Revel LED Scene Light utilises a combination of spot and flood LED lights to effectively illuminate across a whole scene.

  • 16 LEDs dedicated to lighting objects at a distance
  • 6 High-powered LEDs to distribute light across the entire scene
  • Hard-coated polycarbonate lens
  • Screws for easy surface mounting
  • Rubber mounting pad to isolate light from vehicle
  • Lightweight cast aluminium housing
  • Multiple mounting points for various applications
  • Unique cooling fins for optimal thermal management
  • Low ultraviolet light – attracts less insects during nighttime operation
  • Streamlined aesthetics in a compact design
  • Standard color is white; black optional (note: handles and heat sink always black)
  • 6 year warranty
  • Serviceable construction (Sustainable LED technology)
  • ROHS certified


  • Width: 191 mm (surface and pole mount)
  • Height: 133 mm (surface and pole mount)
  • Depth: 51 mm (surface mount) 95 mm (pole mount)
  • Wattage: 110
  • Volts: 10-32 DC
  • Amperage: 9.1

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