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Night Scan Profiler Light Fixture


Night Scan Profiler Light Fixture:

Night Scan Profiler Light Fixture is a space-saving, scene lighting, roof-mounted unit in widths from 15 to 21 inches wide enabling installation on new or existing Emergency Services vehicles with limited available mounting space.

The light option is available in both AC or DC powered versions. DC powered Night Scan units, operating entirely from the vehicle’s standard battery system, enable installation on any existing pumper and other fleet vehicles without a generator.

When mounted to a Night Scan Chief, the Profiler light fixture option delivers up to 24,000 lumens of bright scene lighting with full pan and tilt positioning capabilities.  When mounted to a Night Scan Powerlite, the Night Scan Profiler can provide up to 60,000 lumens of scene lighting with AC power. when combined with the Night Scan Powerlite with Profiler has all of the same features as the Night Scan Powerlite with the exception of the dual-tilt remote control positioner.

Essential Features

  • Narrow Width for Tight Spaces – Available in widths from 15″ to 21″
  • Provides extremely bright overhead light
    • Chief with Profiler = Up to 24,000 lumens
    • Powerlite with Profiler = Up to 60,000 lumens
  • Delivers rapid scene lighting -Time to light in as little as 8 seconds
  • Directs light where it’s needed most – Full rotation and tilting of lights
  • Requires minimal time for operation – Auto Deploy and Auto stow®
  • Maximum Reach
    • Chief 1.8 with Profiler= 6 ft./ 1.8 m
    • Chief 2.3 with Profiler= 7.5 ff./ 2.3 m
    • Powerlite 3.0 with Profiler= 10 ft./ 3 m
    • Powerlite 4.5 with Profiler= 15 ft./ 4.5 m

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