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SupaJet 1400 EFI Portable Fire Pump


SupaJet 1400 EFI Portable Fire Pump

The SupaJet 1400 EFI is the latest development from Phoenix Firepumps featuring an all new pump end, the latest engine technology and a new revolutionary control panel. This portable fire pump will exceed your expectations.

SupaJet 1400 EFI Key Features:

DRY-RUNNING ROTARY VANE PRIMER – No oily discharge when priming, will prime 3 metres within 10 seconds, and 7 metres in less than 30 seconds. Simple push button priming.

EASY TO USE CENTRALLY LOCATED CONTROL PANELS – The highly functional stainless steel control panel is easy to use with pump, primer and engine control at your finger tips in one convenient location. Intuitive gauge location means information displayed is understood with just a glance.

New Revolutionary Multifunction Digital Display Panel. Featuring: Engine RPM, Engine Hours Run, Engine Internal Temperature, Battery Voltage, Oil Pressure, Fuel Gauge, Malfunction Indictor Lamp, Low Fuel Indicator Lamp, High Temperature Indicator Lamp

PULL-START ENGINE – The SupaJet 1400 comes with a robust manual recoil starter with back up power to enable starting even with a flat battery.
This super performing pump comes standard with the new Hybrid Air/Water Cooling System, ensuring the internal engine temperature is always regulated which enhances engine longevity and prevents overheating. Perfect for operation in hot climates at peak temperatures!

CORROSION RESISTANT CONSTRUCTION WITH MULTI-DIRECTIONAL HANDLES – Exceptionally strong stainless steel full wrap-around frame with spring loaded handles to allow for multiple carry positions.

Typical performance @ 3 metres suction lift:

400 kPa (58 PSI) 1740 Litres/min
600 kPa (87 PSI) 1535 Litres/min
700 kPa (101.5 PSI) 1400 Litres/min
800 kPa (116 PSI) 1220 Litres/min
1000 kPa (145 PSI) 1000 Litres/min

Guarantee point ex-works 1400 Litres/min @ 7 Bar

Municipal Fire Brigades – 1400 litre/minute at 7 bar means a fire service can run two 650 litre/minute hand lines effortlessly.

Rural Fire Fighters – The powerful 40HP engine means that both urban and rural fire fighters can get maximum performance out of the 129Kg package (Fully operational including full fuel tank and oil).

Flood Relief – In situations where flow rate rather than pressure is needed the SupaJet delivers over 1800 Litres per minute (with flooded suction).

SupaJet 1400 EFI Portable Fire Pump Features:

Pump Specifications:

Type of Pump Transfer: Combination: Pressure/Volume
Intake: 4” (100mm) BSRT or 3-1/2” (75mm) FMBSP
Discharge: Twin 2-1/2” (64mm) MBSP Globe Valves
Volute Body and Head: CC601 Marine Grade Aluminium Heat Treated to T6 condition
Impeller: CC601 Marine Grade Aluminium Optional LG2 Bronze available
Wear Rings: Long Wearing Acetyl, Economical to replace.
Shaft Seal: Spring Loaded Carbon Ceramic
Priming: Dry Rotary Vane, will prime 3 metres in 10 seconds & 7m in 30 seconds
Frame Type: Full Wrap Around Stainless Steel

Engine Specifications:

Engine Series: Briggs & Stratton Model 61G377
Description: Vanguard V-Twin Air-Cooled 4 Cycle Overhead Valve Electronically Fuel Injected
Cooling System: Hybrid Air/Water Cooled with Fan and Heat Exchanger for hot running conditions
‍Displacement: 993cc
Type: 4 cycle
Lubrication: Full Pressure lubrication
Starting: 12 Volt Electric Starter with Manual Recoil
Fuel Tank: Stainless Steel Integral 11 Litre – 1 hours run time
Battery: 12 volt VRLA
Maximum Power: 40HP @ 3600 RPM

Control Panel:

All the Operating Controls and Instrumentation are located in one area making it easy to read and operate:


  • Engine On/Off Switch
  • Push Button Engine Start
  • 12 volt Inlet/Outlet Socket
  • Throttle Control
  • Push Button Primer
  • Pump Pressure Gauge
  • Pump Compound Gauge
  • LED Lighting

The SupaJet 1400 EFI has Multifunction Digital Display Featuring: Engine RPM, Engine Hours Run, Engine Internal Temperature, Battery Voltage, Oil Pressure, Fuel Gauge, Malfunction Indictor Lamp, Low Fuel Indicator Lamp, High Temperature Indicator Lamp

Length 790mm | Width 530mm | Height 640mm | Dry Weight 122kg

Extra Features of the SupaJet 1400 EFI Firepump:

  • Twin 63mm screw down globe valves which will allow for a variety of coupling types.
  • Inlet 100mm BSRT (or optoinal 3.5″ FBSP to take a variety of inlet adaptors)
  • A large stainless steel fuel tank with capacity of 11.0 litres or the optional 12L Plastic fuel tank that ensures the fuel supply will last for up to 1 hour at maximum throttle opening.
  • Electric starting is standard with a 12 – volt negative earth system. The battery is a 12V VRLA type and is completely maintenance free. This type of battery can stay fully charged for up to 12 months without the need for recharging. A sealed regulator and internal 55 amp alternator provides reliable power. A robust hand start allows the engine to be started in the event of low battery power.
  • Extras include LED flood lighting.

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If you need a portable fire fighting pump that will perform like a fire appliance, Phoenix Fire Pumps are what you need!

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