Helmet Mount Kit

Helmet Mount Kit


Helmet Mount Kit

The Streamlight Poly Helmet Mount Kit conveniently attaches a variety of Streamlight flashlights to a hardhat for hands-free use. It’s a “no tools required” method to quickly and easily attach your flashlight to your hardhat and it’s adjustable so you can aim the beam where you need it.

Often we find ourselves in environments where we need our handsfree to perfom our tasks but we still need illumination from a flashlight. That’s where the Poly Helmet Mount Kit is an invaluable accessory to your Streamlight torch. Secure and adjustable, you will have the light you need whilst being able to perform your tasks with full mobility.

Poly Mount Kit includes:

Adhesive base to attach to side of hard hat
Mounting base that slides into the slot of hard hat

Dualie® 2AA
Dualie® 3AA
Dualie® Rechargeable
2AA ProPolymer® HAZ-LO®
3AA ProPolymer® HAZ-LO®
4AA ProPolymer Lux
4AA ProPolymax
PolyTac®/PolyTac® X

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Mounts your Streamlight flashlight to your hardhat for hands free use.

Fits Streamlight 4AA ProPolymax, 4AA ProPolymer, 3AA ProPolymer HAZ-LO and Dualie, 2AA ProPolymer series and PolyTac LED flashlights