Metal Jerry Can - AFAC Approved

Metal Jerry Can - AFAC Approved


Metal Jerry Can, portable fuel can

High quality, AFAC approved metal jerry cans. The jerry cans will not rust and have an easy open twist cap. Lockable cap is also available. The jerry cans come in 3 sizes and 10 AFAC certified colours. Also available is a fitted pourer with internal filter.
Date stamp on cap
Secondary patented locking pin closure
Smooth edge lip for better sealing
Wide channel breathing for smooth pouring
Petrol resistant alkyd-ammonia based lining to prevent rusting
Heavy duty baked enamel finish
0.9mm steel construction
Fuel level mark
Strip welded handles tested to hold 24kgs of when dropped from 1.8m
Certified to Australian standard AS2906:2001
UN Approval
Dimensions: 165 x 345 x 470mm (20L) 165 x 345 x 275mm (10L) 125 x 230 x 305mm (5L)
Colours: Red – Unleaded, Orange – Ethanol, Olive Yellow – Diesel, Bottle Green – 2 Stroke 25:1, Shamrock Green – Drip Torch, Bright Blue – Chain & Bar Oil, Powder Blue – Kerosene, Pipeline Grey – 2 Stroke 50:1, Black – Oil, Nut Brown – Bio Diesel

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