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LIFEPAK CR2 Essential Defibrillator


LIFEPAK CR2 Essential Defibrillator

Child/Adult Button Defib Clear voice technology

For a minimally trained responder, intervening in an unfolding emergency can be intimidating. The LIFEPAK CR2 Essential Defibrillator provides responders with the easiest possible AED (Automated External Defibrillator) to instill confidence. Its simple graphics, audible instructions and automated features help users remain focused.

The LIFEPAK CR2 Essential is designed with CPR guidance & clear voice technology that detects background noise & adjusts volume accordingly for clear instructions. It’s easy to use and guides you through the process of treating the person having a sudden cardiac arrest.
The QUIK-STEP electrodes peel directly off the base for faster replacement, child mode is just a click of a button on the unit to deliver a lower energy shock without having to change the pads – super simple to use.

  • Safe & easy to use by any person – trained or otherwise.
  • Will only deliver a shock if the person is in Cardiac Arrest.
  • No servicing required – minimal on-going maintenance (just battery & pads)
  • 8 year replacement warranty.

In Autralia 30000 lives are lost every year to cardiac arrest. In fact, 90% of people who experience an out of hospital Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) will not survive. For every minute that passes, chance of survival decreases by 10%. An ambulance can take over 11 minutes. Using a defib on someone in the throes of a SCA within 3 minutes can increase their survival rate to around 70%.

Layered design with easy to follow bold graphics – Both trained and untrained AED users clearly know how to begin.
QUIK-STEP™ electrodes – Peel directly off the base for faster side-by-side placement.
cprINSIGHT™ analysis technology – Analyses for shockable rhythm during chest compressions with no need to pause.
Metronome and CPR coaching – Sets an effective pace and audibly guides users, detecting and correcting technique as needed.
Child Mode – Toggle to Child Mode for reduced energy and CPR guidance appropriate for children.
Highest available energy – Up to 360J for more effective shocks as needed.
Bilingual – Toggle between two pre-set languages when using the device.
LIFEPAK TOUGH™ – IP55 rating for challenging environments.
8-year warranty – Backed by an 8-year warranty.

Watch how easy it is to use the LIFEPAK CR2 here

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