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Hose Washing Machine


Hose Washing Machine

Our hose washing attachment now allows you to quickly and thoroughly clean flat hoses up to 125 mm.

The nozzles in the hose washing machine are arranged in a ring, pushing the hose to be cleaned through the device by means of water pressure. The hose is cleaned of dirt and mud as it moves through the device.

The inner pipe is made of stainless steel, while the other components are made of aluminium. The hose washing machine has legs that allow it to be placed on the ground and ensure stable operation without additional fixing.

The hose washing attachment can be connected to standpipes, above-ground hydrants or pumps.

weight: approx. 10.5 kg. Easily transported using the carrying handle.

  • made in lightweight aluminium, this comes complete with your choice of standard size adaptor inlet
  • wash hoses up to 125mm ID.
  • 1.5″ Storz inlet for feed hose
  • Can clean a hose in under 1 minute
  • Can be ground or truck mounted.
  • 10.5kg

Note: model shown in videos is the previous, smaller machine

Watch another video of the hose washer in action

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