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Hose Washing Machine

Making use of two cone-shaped water jets, this hose washing attachment can clean an entire 75mm fire hose in under a minute. Made from aluminium.


This hose washing machine allows cleaning of hoses with STORZ couplings with maximum size – 110/A, and of fire hoses up to a nominal size of 75mm.

Two cone-shaped water jets wash the hose and cause its forward movement, cleaning the fire hose from dirt and mud as the hose is pulled through the device.

Made from lightweight and durable aluminium, the hose washer has legs that allow it to be placed on the ground and ensure stable operation without additional fixing.

The device is permanently marked with the direction of the hose movement.

The adapter must be screwed in such a way that the gaskets are located on both sides of the brass mesh under the adapter.

Working pressure from 400kPa upto 600kPa.

  • Made in lightweight aluminium, this comes complete with your choice of standard size adaptor inlet
  • The Hose Wash Machine will wash hoses up to 75mm ID.
  • Physical ID of hose washing port is 185mm
  • 1.5″ Storz inlet for feed hose
  • Can clean a hose in under 1 minute
  • Can be ground or truck mounted.
  • 7.8kg
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