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Forestry Monitor – 1140 LPM



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The 3462 Forestry Monitor provides an extremely rugged durable design ideal for brush and wildland firefighting. With high speed motors for pinpoint stream positioning and accuracy and a variety of nozzle options, including CAFS nozzles, this CAFS monitor is ideal for use in water or foam applications. This compact monitor features a fully sealed integrated electrical control system with waterproof locking connectors from all motors, power and control connections to withstand harsh environments.


  • CAN proportional speed joystick control
  • Lightweight construction, 10.4kg without nozzle
  • Integrated and sealed electronics
  • Waterproof (IP 67 rated) locking connectors
  • Simple”plug and play” installation
  • 320° maximum rotation range with stops at ± 90°
  • 135° maximum elevation range with stops at ± 45° and -20°

Nozzle Options:

  • Style 3293 low flow adjustable electric fog nozzle with flush 115-230-360-475 lpm
  • Style 3293 mid-flow adjustable electric fog nozzle 475-660-950-1140 lpm
  • Style 3293 fixed orifice fog nozzles (must specify flow and pressure)
  • Quick Attack foam tube attachments for Style 3293 fog nozzles
  • Smooth bore tips

 Additional Options:

  • 2” quick disconnect
  • Wireless remote control (CAN interface)
  • 2” electric valve
  • Flat disperse fog pattern available on all Style 3293 nozzles


Flow: 1140 LPM
Weight: 10.4 kg
Width: 294mm
Height: 335mm
Depth: 226mm
Inlet: 2″ NPT
Outlet: 1½”
Volts: 12V or 24V (must specify)