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Forestry Monitor – 1140 LPM


Forestry Monitor

The 3462 Forestry Monitor provides an extremely rugged durable design ideal for brush and wildland firefighting. With high speed motors for pinpoint stream positioning and accuracy and a variety of nozzle options, including CAFS nozzles, this CAFS monitor is ideal for use in water or foam applications. This compact monitor features a fully sealed integrated electrical control system with waterproof locking connectors from all motors, power and control connections to withstand harsh environments.


  • CAN proportional speed joystick control
  • Lightweight construction, 10.4kg without nozzle
  • Integrated and sealed electronics
  • Waterproof (IP 67 rated) locking connectors
  • Simple ”plug and play” installation
  • 320° maximum rotation range with stops at ± 90°
  • 135° maximum elevation range with stops at ± 45° and -20°

Nozzle Options:

  • Style 3293 low flow adjustable electric fog nozzle with flush 115-230-360-475 lpm
  • Style 3293 mid-flow adjustable electric fog nozzle 475-660-950-1140 lpm
  • Style 3293 fixed orifice fog nozzles (must specify flow and pressure)
  • Quick Attack foam tube attachments for Style 3293 fog nozzles
  • Smooth bore tips

 Additional Options:

  • 2” quick disconnect
  • Wireless remote control (CAN interface)
  • 2” electric valve
  • Flat disperse fog pattern available on all Style 3293 nozzles


Flow: 1140 LPM
Weight: 10.4 kg
Width: 294mm
Height: 335mm
Depth: 226mm
Inlet: 2″ NPT
Outlet: 1½”
Volts: 12V or 24V (must specify)

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Download 12v Product Sheet

Download 12v Product Sheet

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