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Deckmaster Electric Monitor 3440


3440 DeckMaster Electric Monitor 24V

(12V option also available)

The Akron Brass 3440 DeckMaster Electric Monitor is a technologically advanced, electrically controlled deck monitor with automated elevating capability. This lightweight, Pyrolite-coated monitor can deliver up to 4,800 litres per minute (Lpm). It is electric-powered with automated elevating capability. The monitor has a 3-inch, 150-pound flange inlet and a 2.5-inch, NH threaded outlet.

The DeckMaster has a fully enclosed 12V or 24V motor and gears, as well as manual overrides for horizontal, vertical, and elevation rotation. Each manual override has a non-captive crank with a clip bracket on the monitor for storage. The centre of the waterway can elevate to a height of 24 inches above the base of the flange for operation over obstructions with the push of a switch.

The DeckMaster Electric Monitor outlet has a vertical rotation of 45 degrees below horizontal to 90 degrees above horizontal and 344 degrees of horizontal rotation. The electronic control system includes two multi-pin connectors for the monitor and apparatus interface. It has an IP65-rated enclosure with a pressure equalisation device. The electronic control system can communicate on the J1939 CAN bus system and has nine digital inputs and three digital outputs that can be used for monitor control.

Key features of the Akron Brass 3440 DeckMaster Electric Monitor:
• Automated elevation deployment provides ease of operation over obstructions while eliminating the need for extra extensions or telescoping pipes
• Remote operation eliminates the need to have a fire fighter on the deck to operate the monitor
• Flows up to 4800 Lpm (1250 gpm) for greater knockdown
• Horizontal rotation 344°
• Vertical travel 90° above to 45° below horizontal
• Stowage position set easily by the end user
• Pump panel control standard
• Coated electronics to resist corrosion
• Cast-in turning vanes for more
• J1939 CAN bus communication capability
• Nine digital inputs and three digital outputs for monitor control

Style 3440
Weight 55 lbs (25 kg)
Type Electrical
Material Pyrolite
Brand DeckMaster
Width 16.75in (425.5mm)
Height 14.5in (368.3mm)
Depth 17in (431.8mm)

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