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Class F/AR Firefighting Foam


Class F/AR Firefighting Foam

100% BoldFoam F-40

This product was developed for extinguishing class Fires (oil) in kitchens. It can be used in stationary systems or extinguishers. Recent real fire tests over electric transformers showed up the great efficiency of F40 against conventional solutions like water pulverization or conventional foams.

BoldFoam F-40’s formulation is a mixture of organic salts, surfactants and additives, designed for fighting class F fires. In contrast to other Class F/AR foam extinguishing solutions, BoldFoam F-40 forms resistant foam, with high drainage time that improves the extinguishing efficiency.

A conventional AFFF product works forming an aqueous film on hydrocarbon surfaces. However, BoldFoam F-40 reacts with the hot vegetable oil in a saponification reaction, forming a protective barrier over the surface of the oil. The protective barrier isolates the oil of the oxygen, inhibits the re-ignition and provides additional cooling.

Only a small amount is required to achieve total extinction.

The main characteristics are:

  • designed to be used in kitchen fire extinguishers. Achieves a quick extinction time in class F fires
  • specially formulated to increase the compatibility between the solution and the oil, achieving a quicker extinction time than when a solution based only in organic salts is used
  • great cooling capacity – lowers the reignition probability
  • due to its surfactants, the surface tension of the solution is decreased enabling it to go deeper in the combustible material, resulting in a more effective extinguishing
  • solution forms a stable foam which provides additional protection
  • can be easily removed with water
  • can also be used in class A and B fires

EN 1568-1+4 (IA) (Fire Brigade, Tank Storage)

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