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38mm Brass Foot Valve with Storz


38mm Brass Foot Valve with Storz

Our 38mm Brass Foot Valve with Storz attaches to the inlet end of your suction hose. The integrated foot valve stops fluid from back flowing and draining out of the line, enabling the pump to be restarted without needing to be re-primed.

Dams, pits, drains and other water sources are potentially full of debris and so it is always recommended to run a suction strainer on your hose. This strainer also has a built in foot valve to aids in pump priming.

The weighty brass helps to keep the suction line below the water surface to avoid air being drawn in.

The strainer part of the body prevents larger debris from being pulled into the line without restricting the flow.

38mm Storz attachment provides safe, secure coupling.

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