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Basic Property Protection Kit


Basic Property Protection Kit

If our larger Property Protection Kit is more than you need, then this simple set up is for you!

Our Basic Property Protection Kit includes:
Portable Fire Pump w Storz Adaptors and caps
1 x 30m, 25mm Percolating Hose with Storz fittings
1 x 25mm Select Flow Nozzle with Storz fitting
1 x 6m, 50mm suction hose with Storz fittings

Portable Fire Pump – reliable, easy to start, prime and maintain. Onga Blazemaster powered by Honda GX200.

Engine: Honda GX200 – Manual start

  • Inlet: 50mm
  • Outlet: 25mm x 2
  • Max Capacity: 182L/min @ 60mH/420kPa

Frame: Painted steel
Storz Adaptors and Caps
Dimensions: 530mm (L) x 440mm (W) x 550mm (D)

Percolating Fire Fighting Hose with Storz – high quality layflat percolating fire hoses which allow seepage of water under pressure through the hose fabric jacket. This percolating feature forms a water barrier which protects the hose against the effects of heat and glowing embers.

Select Flow Nozzle:

  • simplified nozzle operation
  • no calibration required
  • low maintenance due to simple, durable design features
  • pattern identification
  • large, easy to read labels
  • easy to operate
  • quick change pattern adjustment
  • upto 100psi operating pressure
  • 60 – 130 – 230 LPM flow selector

Suction Hose w Storz- Used to draw water for fire fighting from an unpressurised supply, such as a portable water tank, dam, pool, or other static water source. The PVC Plasticised hose has an incorporated spiral reinforcement of anti-shock rigid PVC. The inside surface is smooth and the outside is a light corrugate surface. Comes fitted with 50mm German Storz fittings and Bandit Clamps

Overwhelmed? Contact us and find out more about our property protection kit and any other options that may suit your needs.

Defending your property

Farm Fire Safety

Please remember, the best option in a fire emergency is to heed the advice of the fire services and leave the area.

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