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Barth P2020 Hose Tester


Barth P2020 Hose Tester


The innovative BARTH P2020 hose tester is your ideal solution for regular fire hose pressure testing. Equipped with a large inlet water connection, the Barth P2020 effortlessly fills and tests up to four hose lines with speed and convenience.

Manoeuvering the device is a breeze thanks to its two wheels and extendable handle.

CRAFTED WITH BARTH’S COMMITMENT TO QUALITY – German made for superior performance and reliability.

The BARTH P2020 boasts an intuitively designed interface, featuring icons on the chassis for easy navigation.

The pressure testing pump is seamlessly integrated into the BARTH P2020’s chassis for user-friendly operation. With the advanced Piston Pump and stainless steel piping, achieve a maximum flow rate of 52 L/min and a testing pressure of up to 24 bar (~348 psi).

The device offers four test connections enabling 4 hoses to be tested simultaneously.

Pump: Piston Pump, max 52 L/min, 24 bar (approx 348 psi)
Pressure Vessel: Stainless steel tank with pressure gauge, safety valve and pressure relief valve
Testing inlet: 50mm BSP female
Testing outlets: 4 x 38mm BSP female
Protection class: IP54
Dimensions: 1050mm x 790mm x 550mm
Weight: 130 kg

The pressure is generated via a robust piston pump. Four test outlets can be opened and closed separately with a ball valve each. The pressure is relieved after the test
via a downward-blowing valve.

The housing is made of durable polyethylene sheets and anodised aluminium sheets, the piping and the handle bar out of stainless steel.
Features self-explanatory operating icons for ease of use.

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