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AWG Multi-purpose nozzles are used to deliver extinguishing water in full or spray jets.

With a simple construction, they are less prone to failure and insensitive to dirt and can be easily cleaned by switching the jet shape.

The spray angle of the AWG Multipurpose Nozzle can be changed as desired by intermediate positions in the spray jet area.

In the version with a safety shower head, a veil of water can be generated in addition to the full jet and spray jet, which protects the jet pipe operator from smoke and heat. The man protection shower is attached in a ring behind the nozzle. The outlet angle of the shower can be changed from 0° – 160° by means of an adjusting ring that can be easily rotated, even under pressure. In moments of danger, the entire flow of water can be shut off with a single movement, regardless of whether full or spray jet was set and regardless of the position of the man protection shower.

Multi-purpose nozzles are no longer suitable for use in indoor attacks.

AWG Jet/Spray Branchpipe Specifications:

  • Length: 415mm
  • Width: 90mm
  • Height: 165mm
  • Weight: 1.60kg
  • Size entrance: G 2″ AG
  • Entrance: BSP G 2″ AG
  • Input: Storz 25 (Germany)
  • Nominal size: CMM
  • Flow rate at reference pressure 1: 130L/min
  • Reference pressure 1: 6 bar
  • Air throw at reference pressure 1: 25m (full jet), 11m (spray jet)
  • max. permissible operating pressure: 16 bar
  • Diameter nozzle: 12mm
  • Mouthpiece diameter: 9mm
  • Spray angle: 15 – 20°

See the AWG Multipurpose Nozzle and the AWG Water Spray Nozzle

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