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AWG Water Spray Nozzle G2″


AWG Water Spray Nozzle

The AWG Water Spray Nozzle (atomiser nozzle) is perfect for combating burning liquids such as oils or paints.

Thanks to the intensive water atomisation, both a good extinguishing effect and a strong cooling effect can be achieved.


  • Length (mm): 480
  • Width (mm): 250
  • Height (mm): 232
  • Weight (kg): 2.90
  • System at the entrance: E.G
  • Size entrance: G 2 “AG
  • Input: BSP G 2 “AG
  • Nominal size: C
  • Flow rate at reference pressure 1 (L/min): 400
  • Reference pressure 1 [bar]: 8th
  • Throwing distance at reference pressure 1 (m): 11th
  • Flow rate at reference pressure 2 (L/min): 300
  • Reference pressure 2 (bar): 5
  • max. permissible operating pressure (bar): 16

When developing their products, AWG gather experience/feedback from countless fire operations all over the world is incorporated in order to always be able to provide solutions for day-to-day operations. Firefighting fittings purposefully built for the fire brigade!

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