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Akrofoam Master Stream Nozzle – 24V Electric


Akrofoam Master Stream Nozzle – fire truck performance

24v electrically operated fog/jet nozzle with internal foam eductor

Want true fire truck like performance for your water cart? When a watercart water pump is matched with the correct nozzle for the application, the system will have just that! The Akrofoam Master Stream nozzle will amaze you.

Upgrade your watercart capabilities with this high performance Master Stream Nozzle from Akron Brass. Reliability and performance are combined to give you the ultimate user experience and a safer work site. Other nozzles may disrupt the accuracy of your foam mixing creating a dangerous situation. We can recommend the right equipment to provide you with a high performing, reliable and easy to use system that will protect your team, your assets and your community.

  • High performance Foam induction nozzle
  • Adjustable Flow settings: 1,325lpm, 1,900lpm & 2,900lpm (350gpm, 500gpm & 750gpm)
  • Adjustable Foam settings: 1%, 3% and 6%
  • Manufactured from brass and stainless steel
  • Normal working pressure: 100psi; Maximum working pressure: 200psi
  • At 2,900lpm @ 100psi = 71 metre effective reach

If you want fire truck equivalent fire-fighting capabilities on your mine site to protect valuable assets, this system is a must!

Monitor/water cannon compatability chart

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