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Akrofoam Master Stream Nozzle – 24V Electric

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44710006 – 24v electrically operated fog / jet nozzle with internal foam eductor

When a watercart water pump is matched  correctly with the nozzle specifications suitable for the application , this system will have true, fire truck like performance!

  • High performance Foam induction nozzle.
  • Adjustable Flow settings: 1,325lpm, 1,900lpm & 2,900lpm (350gpm, 500gpm & 750gpm)
  • Adjustable Foam settings: 1%, 3% and 6%
    • Manufactured from brass and stainless steel
    • Normal working pressure: 100psi; Maximum working pressure: 200psi
    • At 2,900lpm @ 100psi = 71 metre effective reach

    If you want fire truck equivalent fire-fighting capabilities on your mine site to protect valuable assets, this system is a must!

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Electrical, Hydraulical

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