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24V Electric Severe Duty Water Cannon


3491 24V Electric Severe Duty Water Cannon

(12V option also available)

The severe duty water cannon range was purpose designed for the Australian mining industry. The essential piece of equipment on any mining water truck.

The products in the range have become the industry standard for performance, reliability and ease of installation.  All major mining companies (along with numerous mining contractors in Australia) choose this range for the high performance and reliability.

This electric monitor is made for all of your heavy-duty needs. Created specifically for tough situations, it’s perfect for mining operations where you need a lot of power behind your washer.

The 3491 electric (both 24v and 12v) system comes standard with a 24 month warranty.

Also available are 3492 hydraulic system options with 12 month warranty.

In most cases, we have evidenced the working life of these cannons to be as long as the working life of watercarts themselves.

If you want to reduce downtime due to water cannon breakdowns, increase water stream performance, and reduce your repair costs, try a severe-duty water cannon.

You will not be disappointed! Ask us about wireless remote control.


  • 12 or 24 volt motor
  • Stainless Construction
  • 320° Rotation
  • 155° Elevation (+90°, -65°)
  • Fast travel, 20°/sec
  • Pressures up to 200 psi
  • 2½” Waterway (65 mm)
  • Reaches 200′ (70m) at 750 gpm


Optional extras:

Solid Bore Nozzles: (250Lpm – 3,000Lpm)
Fog / Jet Nozzles: (500Lpm – 3,000Lpm)

Installation/Operational Instructions
Foam Induction Nozzle: (1,300Lpm – 2,900Lpm)
Electrically Actuated Ball Valves
Wiring Harnesses

Hydraulic Severe Duty Water Cannon

Quite simply the best Water Cannon for Mining.

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