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Storz x Female Threaded Adaptors


Storz x Female Threaded Adaptors

Luitpold Schott manufacture a range of Adaptors for every application, in a range of materials. i.e. forged aluminium, stainless steel and brass.  New AS2419.4 compliant now available

Sizes range from 1″ (25mm) through to 6″ (150mm).

There are a numerous size combinations available between the table below.

Contact Fire Response with your specific application requirement for further details.

storz diagram

25mm Storz x ¾ Inch BSP31¾
25mm Storz x 1 Inch BSP311
40mm Storz x 1 Inch BSP511
40mm Storz x 1½ Inch BSP51
50mm Storz x 1½ Inch BSP66
50mm Storz x 2 Inch BSP662
65mm Storz x 1½ Inch BSP81
65mm Storz x 2 Inch BSP812
65mm Storz x 2½ Inch BSP81
65mm Storz x 3 Inch BSP813
80mm Storz x 2 Inch BSP812
80mm Storz x 2½ Inch BSP89
80mm Storz x 3 Inch BSP893
100mm Storz x 4 Inch BSP1154
125mm Storz x 4 Inch BSP1484
125mm Storz x 5 Inch BSP1485
150mm Storz x 6 Inch BSP1606

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