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Storz Test Kit


Storz Test Kit

This genuine Storz Test Kit is for testing the torque of couplings with pressure and pressure/suction seals to determine whether they can be manually coupled. There are certain ranges of torque that each type of fitting must lie within.

This kit gives a digital reading via the digital torque wrench.

Kit includes:

  • Torque Spanner (fig 1)
  • Test adaptor for Storz 38 (fig 2)
  • Test adaptor for Storz 65 (fig 3)
  • Storz 65 suction hose coupling (fig 4)
  • Storz 38 suction hose coupling (fig 5)
  • Storz 65 delivery hose coupling (fig 6)
  • Storz 38 delivery hose coupling (fig 7)
  • Storz 65 adaptor delivery/suction (fig 8)
  • Storz 38 Adaptor delivery/suction (fig 9)
  • Storz 65 adaptor delivery (fig 10)
  • Storz 38 adaptor delivery (fig 11)


Torque spanner and adaptors                                   storz test couplings

Torque testing storz

Storz Adaptors and Fittings

Fire and Rescue NSW Technical Info – compatible Storz Hose Connections

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