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Static Dissipating Duct


Super Vac Static Dissipating Duct

The Super Vac Static Dissipating Duct is a hazardous location duct specialised to conduct static charges away from the airflow. essential where static buildup could create a spark that would compromise safety in explosive environments.

This duct comes with a built-in, easy to carry bag and can be attached to other duct as an extension by simply tightening the belted cuff. This quick and easy process doubles the length of the duct without use of adapters that take up space, get lost, and take up time to install.

The duct consists of graphite fibers that conduct any charge that could build-up as a result of the airflow. Airflow through the standard duct builds up static charges much in the same way as walking across carpet does.

The special clip on the end of the duct must be connected to a grounding post that carries the charge back to earth ground – usually this is accomplished through the ground plug of the electric motor.

Static Dissipating Duct Sizes

Model   Diameter   Length
12x20HZ1   305mm   6.1m
16x20HZ1   406mm   6.1m
20x20HZ1   508mm   6.1m
24x20HZ1   610mm   6.1m

Static Dissipating Duct Specs

  • Material – Single ply neoprene impregnated polyester -UL94-V-O Flame Retardancy, NFPA701, California T-19
  • Structure – Class 1 Steel Spring Wire Helix (ASTM 227)
  • Wearstrips – Heavy duty vinyl with self adhesive neoprene backing, APX 25-27 oz Sq/Yd. Abrasion Resistance of 18,000 cycles from H-22 wheel with 1000 gram load (FSTM 191 Method 5306)
  • Conductivity – Rated to 100,000 ohms or less per square inch
  • Length – 20 ft – custom sizes available
  • Grounding – Product should be grounded on each end, with a solid means of connection. Grounding this product on one only will still provide a safe positive means of discharging static build-up.

The Static Dissipating Duct can also be used as an extension. Need a longer duct to reach harder to get to places? No problem, just attach two ducts together using the belted cuff.

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