The Super Vac Spiral Duct is the highest quality duct made. These durable and long lasting ducts feature a single-ply neoprene impregnated polyester fabric with a continuous spring steel wire helix for support. Hot melt wear strips cover the helix for added durability.

This duct is ideal for moving large quantities of air into hard to reach places and will fit on any Super Vac box fan. This duct can also be used as an extension to create a longer duct when attached to another Super Vac spiral duct.

The Spiral Duct can also be used as an extension. Need a longer duct to reach harder to get to places? No problem, just attach two ducts together using the belted cuff.

All ducts come with a built-in storage bag for easy transportation.

Spiral Duct Sizes

Model Diameter Length
12x20AD1 305mm 6.1m
16x20AD1 406mm 6.1m
20x20AD1 508mm 6.1m
24x20AD1 610mm 6.1m

Spiral Duct Specs

Material – Single ply neoprene impregnated polyester
Structure – Steel Wire Helix
Wearstrips – heavy duty hot melt wear strips
Length – 20 ft – custom sizes available
Heat Rating – -40 – 250°F, flame resistant to NFPA 701 standards

Note: Not for use in explosive environments or where static discharge could compromise safety