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Cloudburst Dam Portable Water Storage


Cloudburst Dam

Portable Water Dams. Purpose designed for providing portable water solutions. A comprehensive range from 1,200 litres to 38,000 litres.

Ideal for:

  • Remote area fire fighting quick fill points
  • Hazmat operations
  • Quick fill points for aerial fire bombing
  • Pumper / Tanker relay
  • Training where water can be recycled


  • Carry / Storage bag
  • Storage bag becomes the ground support for the Cloudburst Dam once erected
  • Hand pump supplied with Pneumatic Top ring version
  • 3 year UV warranty, 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • lug for hanging and cleaning / drying after use

Optional extras:

  • Pneumatic or Foam Top Ring
  • 40-100mm PVC ball valves
  • Ground sheet

Size Options:

cloudburst dam sizes

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