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Multipurpose Monitor Nozzle 2000/600


Multipurpose Monitor Nozzle MZV 2000/600 EVO

In addition to operation with water, the MZV monitor nozzles are also suitable for foaming AFFF foam compound up to 3 times without additional aids. When used in conjunction with a foam attachment, MZV nozzles can be used with all types of foaming agent and provide foaming that is comparable to that of heavy foam pipes. The multi-purpose nozzle MZV 2000/600 EVO has a maximum flow rate of 2,000 l / min at 800 kPa.

Minimum flow rate is 600 LPM at 800 kPa. The flow rate can be set manually in steps of 200 from 600 LPM to 2,000 LPM on the nozzle plate. By turning the jet shaping sleeve, the jet shape can be continuously adjusted during operation. (Hollow jet and spray jet)

Partners with the APF-2 TurboFighter Manual Monitor and the APF- 2 TurboFighter Oscillating Monitor


Length: 107mm
Width: 120mm
Height: 120mm
Weight: 1.60kg
System at the entrance: thread
Size entrance: 65mm
Entry: Thread 65mm
Nominal type: MZV
Flow rate at reference pressure 1: 600-2000 LPM
max. permissible operating pressure: 16kPa
Product color: black
Material product: aluminum
Expansion rate: 3
Material sealing ring: NBR

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