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Multipurpose Jet Lance CM-C VSP


Multipurpose Jet Lance CM-C VSP

Multipurpose Jet Lance nozzles are used to apply extinguishing water in full or spray jets. Simple construction, less prone to failure, insensitive to dirt.

The spray lance can be cleaned easily by switching the spray shape.

The spray angle can be changed as required by intermediate positions in the spray jet area.

The entire flow of water is shut off with a single movement, regardless of whether full or spray jet was set.


  • Length (mm): 445
  • Width (mm): 98
  • Height (mm): 165
  • Weight (kg): 1.40
  • System at the entrance: Storz
  • Size entrance: 52 (C)
  • Input: Storz 52 (C)
  • Nominal size: CM
  • Flow rate at reference pressure 1 (L/min): 130
  • Reference pressure 1 (bar): 6th
  • Throwing distance at reference pressure 1 (m): 25 (full jet), 11 (spray jet)
  • max. permissible operating pressure (bar): 16
  • Diameter nozzle (mm): 12th
  • Diameter mouthpiece (mm): 9
  • Spray angle (°): 15-20
  • Material coupling: aluminum
  • Full Jet Barrier: Yes
  • Applicable standard: DIN EN 15182

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