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Mercury Quick Attack with Flowguard


Mercury Quick Attack with Flowguard

The Mercury Quick Attack Portable Monitor with Flowguard is the ideal portable monitor to maximise safety and performance on the scene. These monitors are smaller than any other ground portable firefighting monitor so they can be quickly set up and left unmanned at the fire scene to free up personnel.

The Mercury Quick Attack with Flowguard reduces hazard risk for your crew and gives them confidence while firefighting. Not only does the addition of the FlowGuard protect your crew, but also your pump. When the hose or the monitor experiences excessive, potentially hazardous movement while flowing, the Mercury FlowGuard, will automatically reduce water flow.

Features Mercury QA monitor:

  • Hits low at 10°
  • Reacheach over 76m  at 100 psi when paired with the new Mercury nozzle (Style 4446)
  • Compact size & weighing only 6.8kg for quick deployment
  • Easy open/close valve
  • Strap attached with bag for easy stowing
  • Knurled handle for improved grip
  • Handle wiper to minimize debris collection
  • Elevation range of +10° to +50°
  • Rotation +- 20°
  • Rated flows up to 1900 LPM
  • Low 6 psi friction loss at 1900LPM
  • Maximum operating pressure of 230 psi.  Exceeds the standard of 200 psi


Features Mercury Flowguard:

  • Does Not Shut Down all the Flow
    • Reduces to about 1/3 of the flow
    • No water hammer of the pump
  • Fast and Easy Reset
    • Close monitor valve, turn reset button a ¼ turn, put hose back in line, open monitor valve and start flowing
  • Lightweight and Compact with a Slim Profile 
    • Weight 2 kg
    • Length 231mm
  • Low Friction Loss 
    • 8 psi or less than 1 bar at 1900 lpm (total friction loss at 1900 lpm is 14 psi or 1 bar with FlowGuard)

Watch the Mercury Quick Attack with Flowguard in action

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