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GH Progress Lightweight Fire Hose 65mm


GH Progress Lightweight Fire Hose 65mm – H Class

The lightest certified extruded rubber fire hose on the market! German engineered for Australian conditions.

Lightweight and flexible – easier to use, handle and transport. Reduces overall Gross Vehicle Mass. 65mm hose is almost 2kg lighter than commonly used rubber hose.

65mm 30m Lightweight fire hose, weighs 16.05 kg

Also available in 38mm 30m Lightweight fire hose, weighs 7.5kg

Australian Standard: AS 2792-1992, Class H

All the features you need plus durability and performance.  Low maintenance,  resistant to abrasion, heat, UV, ozone, oil, fuel and more. (see Features below)


  • fire brigades
  • refineries
  • chemical industry
  • mining
  • airport fire brigades
  • marine and offshore installations
  • industry


  • resistance to oil, fuel and a wide range of chemicals
  • resistance to heat, UV and ozone
  • abrasion resistant
  • very low friction loss and low elongation
  • lightweight and flexible, small coil diameter
  • excellent adhesion between rubber and textile
  • no cleaning and drying required
  • easy to repair
  • temperature range: continuous use –20°C to +80°C (water), temporary use up to +100°C

Textile reinforcement:

  • warp: high tenacity polyester | weft: polyamide, circular woven
  • the special weaving design offers a superior adhesion level and flow performance compared to an all polyester weave
  • totally embedded in the rubber compound, excellent protected against mechanical damage

Lining and cover:

  • special high grade formulated NBR/PVC compound extruded ”through the weave“ in a unique one step production process
  • special additives in the compound guarantee superior UV and ageing resistance
  • inside: very smooth for minimum friction loss
  • outside: smooth for good abrasion resistance, flexibility and small coil diameter

Relevant Fire Brigade fittings available

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