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Hi-Combat Portable Foam Uniductor


Hi-Combat Portable Foam Uniductor

Hi-Combat Portable Foam Uniductor, when matched with Angus Hi-Combat Foam branchpipes or nozzles, provides the simplest possible means of getting foam to the fire where it is needed. They can be placed near a portable pump or hydrant outlet, minimising manpower requirements and leaving the firefighter to concentrate on effective application of the foam to control the fire situation.

The devices are venturi-type inductors designed for quick and reliable response to first aid fire attack duties. There are two models the UNI-225 and
UNI-450, each available with either (1×3) or (3×6) induction rates, matched for use with aspirating foam branchpipes flowing 225 and 450 L/min at 7 bar g (100psi). These Uniductors™ typically experience a 35-40% pressure drop across the inductor and operate within a recommended pressure range of 5-10 bar g.
A simple but positive “twist and click” operation of the control knob allows easy selection of the induction setting for the foam concentrate in use and once selected it is quick to change but cannot be unintentionally moved “offposition”.

Each portable Uniductor is fitted with a non-return valve and 1metre long pick-up tube, to allow use with 25 litre foam drums or temporary reservoirs. This also avoids the potential risk of water diluting the foam supply, which can be caused by high back pressures occurring due to poor hose configurations, operating up steep slopes, or mismatching of equipment.

Normally supplied with 2½” BS.336 Instantaneous couplings or BSP male threaded connections as standard, but many other connections are available. Ask us for more information.

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