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H Class Fire Hose – Gomtex


H Class Fire Hose – Gomtex

Our H Class Fire Hose is a popular choice with both fire brigades and industrial plants. It is a high pressure fire hose, manufactured with a specially-formulated nitrile extruded synthetic rubber cover. This extruded cover protects the hose against abrasion, chemical damage and rough use.


  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and intensive use by professionals
  • Highly resistant to oil, gasoline and a wide range of chemicals
  • Very resistant to both contact and radiant heat
  • Light and flexible hose even at low temperatures (-15ºC) Easy to handle and roll up
  • Highly resistant to breakage thanks to the specially-made textile
  • No maintenance or drying necessary
  • Available for compliance with various international certifications


The interior and exterior layer of H Class Fire Hose consists of a specially-formulated nitrile rubber, extruded through the circular fabric. There is minimal flow loss thanks to the hose’s smooth interior wall and it has a high thermal resistance.

Reinforced middle textile layer: Circular woven outer layer made from high tenacity polyester thread. No defects (broken threads, knots, etc.)

Technical Uses:

  • Fire fighting and industrial use
  • Refineries
  • Marine use on ships and platforms
  • Military use
  • Airports
  • Forestry
  • Variations


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