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AWG Pickup Tube


AWG Pickup Tube

Pickup Tube 20mm x 1500mm Fitted with 1 x 25mm Storz

For use with Inductor L Z2 Models, L Z4 & FD Z4


  • Length (mm): 1500
  • Weight (kg): 0.40
  • System at the entrance: Storz
  • Size entrance: 25 (D)
  • Input: Storz 25 (D)
  • Material coupling: aluminum
  • Inner tube diameter (mm): 20th

When developing their products, AWG gather experience/feedback from countless fire operations all over the world is incorporated in order to always be able to provide solutions for day-to-day operations. Firefighting fittings purposefully built for the fire brigade!

See the AWG Inductor FD Z4-C

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