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AWG Inductor L Z2-65


AWG Inductor L Z2-65

The AWG Inductor L Z2-65 sucks in liquid extinguishing agent additives or foam concentrate according to the Venturi principle.

The models in the AWG L series are particularly light and therefore do not require a handle.

The proportioning rate can be set between 1 and 6%.


  • Length (mm): 355
  • Width (mm): 140
  • Height (mm): 152
  • Weight (kg): 2.4
  • System at the entrance: Storz
  • Size entrance: 65
  • Input: Storz 65
  • System at the exit: Storz
  • Output size: 65
  • Exit: Storz 65
  • Nominal size: Z2
  • Flow rate at reference pressure 1 (L/min): 200
  • Reference pressure 1 (bar): 5
  • max. permissible operating pressure (bar): 16
  • Material coupling: Aluminium
  • Mixing rate (%): 1-6

With 25mm storz inlet connection for foam pick-up tube, alloy, applicable standard din14384

See the AWG Inductor Admixer L Z4-B

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