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80mm Annubar


Australian made 80mm Annubar

Exclusive – 80mm Annubar, made and calibrated locally

The probe stems are made from 316 Stainless Steel, and incorporate quality ball valves and fittings.

The probe and digital gauge are used in conjunction with a custom flow chart, which correlates differential pressure versus flowrate.

Each one is supplied with 4 laminated flow charts (in inches of mercury V flowrate – Litres/minute).
The charts are –
Medium steel pipe
Light steel pipe
Shed 40 steel pipe
Class B copper pipe

Annubar is 3/8″ diameter, single Mount type, and come with a sliding 1/2″ BSP S/S compression fitting.

Compatible with any standard sprinkler supply flowmeter that reads in inches of Mercury (in/Hg), however, we recommend our sprinkler flowmeters as they are vastly more accurate (within 1%- 0.3 in)/Hg) than old mechanical type gauges.

Other sizes available:

DN50 (50mm)

DN65 (65mm)

DN90 (90mm)

DN100 (100mm)

DN125 (125mm)

DN150 (150mm)

also available as the full set of 7 annubars or small kit of 5.

12 month manufacturer warranty.

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